Recommendations for Recording Contacts / Understanding Names Issues

Retrieving Contacts from the SIM Card

For proper operation, Olga does not automatically retrieve contacts from the SIM card. Olga's contacts must be properly saved so that voice recognition can understand them well and, most importantly, to avoid any conflicts of names.
We have noticed that our clients' SIM cards often contain many errors in names due to problems with accents, abbreviations, capital letters...

Saving / Deleting / Editing Names

To save contacts, there are two options :
- Vocally: via the "Add a Contact" function.
- Through the caregiver's menu: Menu (long press on the three blue dots) > Add a Contact.

To edit contacts, a caregiver must go to the Menu (long press on the three blue dots) > Contacts List > Press the contact to edit. It is not possible to edit a con

To delete contacts, there are two options :
- Vocally: via the "Delete a Contact" function.
- Through the caregiver's menu: Menu (long press on the three blue dots) > Contacts List > Press the contact then on Delete.

Tips for Recording Names

Here are some tips for recording names:

1) Simplify names as much as possible

2) Avoid pronouns
We recommend not saving pronouns or linking words such as: the, of, some, 's
This will add no value to voice recognition and unnecessarily complicate names.

3) Avoid initials in names
We recommend avoiding names with initials as they could create confusion.
Example: instead of saving "SOS", save the word "Emergency"

4) Pay attention to spelling (accents, cedillas, abbreviations)
If you're manually saving contacts through the caregiver's menu, we invite you to pay attention to spelling. Voice recognition is based on a French dictionary. If there are mistakes in accents, abbreviations, capital letters, the phone will not understand these names..

Bad example : RENEE S
Bad example 2 : Renée SIMONS

Example to follow : Renée Simons

Bad example : Francois
Exemple à suivre : François

5) Many doctors in your list
If your contact list contains several doctors, we recommend saving their contact name simply with the specialty name. Example: Instead of writing "Doctor Dupont" or "Doctor Martin", put "Ophthalmologist" or "Podiatrist". This will avoid having common points between contacts..

6) Foreign Names
The device may also have difficulties understanding names with foreign sounds or special names that have uncommon spellings. Example: In Spanish, "j" is pronounced "r". If you have a contact named "Michel Rojo" and you try to call "Michel Rorro".

7) A contact has multiple numbers / several contacts have the same first name

If a person has two numbers or if a name is common to several contacts, we invite you to proceed as the following example:

Example: The user has several Martins and one Martin who has multiple numbers.


Martin ==> for the mobile number of the most frequently called Martin

Martin Home or Martin House ==> for Martin's home number

For the other Martins, add the surname and details:

Martin Dupont ==> Martin Dupont's mobile

Martin Dupont Home

Martin Durand ==> Martin Durand's mobile

Martin Durand Work

This way, you will avoid creating common points on the word mobile. And when the user says "Call Martin", they will not need to use the word mobile.

See What the Device Understands

If some names are misunderstood, a caregiver can see what the phone understands after each voice command. There is a "Result understood" field on the screen. You can thus modify the names accordingly. You can correct the contact in Menu (long press on the three blue dots) > Contacts List

Retrieve Your Olga Contacts File

To retrieve your Olga contacts file, there are two possibilities:

1) Menu (long press on the three blue dots) > Settings > Apps > Explorer > Internal Storage > Press and hold the contactlist.csv file > Select More… > Share > Choose the sharing method that suits you

2) Connect the device to your computer and retrieve the contact file located at the root of the device.