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Olga 6 Vocal Phone + 12/month

New product

Very simple talking mobile phone for visual impaired

• Very fast learning
• Only one button
• Suitable for AMD / Glaucoma / Blindness
• Suitable for osteoarthritis

Control your phone only with your voice.

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Olga is an easy vocal phone for blind that works like a vocal assistant. The phone gives access to the most essential functions of a smartphone. It is controlled entirely by voice. The entire screen surface is the only button

Olga is like having a companion in your pocket. Communicate with Olga, and she will guide you step by step, just with you tapping on the screen.

Unlike other phones, getting familiar with the phone and learning to use it is extremely simple, even for people who are not comfortable with technology, such as the elderly.

Olga has been available since 2016 and helps thousands of visually impaired people. The model 6 works in the exact same manner as her previous versions. It is now even more user friendly, and several functions have been added (See the list below).

Who is Olga for ?

Olga is a phone which works with vocal recognition. It was created with the following in mind :
... those who suffer from any kind of visual impairment,
... those who struggle to use the keyboard on a mobile phone,
... or those who simply want a more easy-to-use phone.

How does it work ?

The available functions are 100% controlled by voice alone.

Several videos on the functions of Olga are available at


Fonction téléphone Olga Assistant vocal Call / answer to phone calls
Fonction téléphone Olga Assistant vocal Send / read SMS fonction_ajouter_contact_olga.jpg Add/ delete a contact
Consult contact directory
Téléphone à l'étranger Internet calls
Répondeur Consult voice messages

Get organized

Date Heure Météo Ask for hour, date and weather fonction_gerer_agenda_olga.jpg Manage a calendar
Gérer une note Mémoire Save and consult a memory note
Réveil et Alarme Set an alarm clock, alarms or timer

Useful tools

Lecteur de document Machine à lire Reading Machine
Lecteur de code Barre Barcode reader
Lecteur d'étiquette QRCode Reader
Loupe Magnifying Glass
Traducteur Traductor
Lecteur de couleur Color detector
Calculette vocale Calculator
Lampe de poche Flashlight

Getting informed and having fun

Ecouter la radio Listen to the radio
Audiobooks Listen to audiobooks Youtube Search on Youtube
Recherche Google Search on Google
Connaître et envoyer sa position par SMS Know and send your location
Musique Listen to music

Hardware Data

Phone : Moto G22

Processor : Helio G37

Screen : 6,5 inches (HD 1600 x 720)

Screen definition : 1600 x 720

Dimensions : Height 163.95 mm / Width 74.94 mm / Depth : 8.49 mm

Weight : 185 g

Storage capacity : 64 GB

Internal capacity : RAM 4GB

Operating system: Android 12 

External memory : SD in independent slot

Cellular network : DRA-L01 / DRA-L03 -  SIM card 1 et 2 in the Nano format - 4G / 3G / 2G 

SD card slot : yes

Bluetooth : yes - version 5.0

Data cable : USB C

Jack plug (for headphones): yes

Battery : 5000 mAh – non removable

Charging time : Unknown

Battery life : Unknown

Device delivered unblocked by all telephone operators: yes

SAR : Head 0,84W/Kg - Trunk 1,49W/Kg - Member 3,14W/kg (SAR : Specific energy absorption rate) mobile phones quantify the user's maximum exposure level to electromagnetic waves, so that the phone can be used by the ear. French regulation decrees that the SAR should not surpass 2W/kg for Head.

Contents of the box of the device

- the adapted device (with Olga installed on it)
- charging cable
- a guide to rapid set-up
- a tool to eject the SIM card

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    Olga is a phone which works with vocal recognition. It was created with the following in mind :... those who suffer from any kind of visual impairment,... those who struggle to use the keyboard on a mobile phone,... or those who simply want a more easy-to-use phone.

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