General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Services 

OLGA refers to a voice assistance service on mobile phones offered by Flagtory SAS, registered under number 523 206 993 at the RCS of Nanterre, with its headquarters at 25 rue Pauline Borghèse 92200 Neuilly sur Seine France.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Services (GTCS) apply, to the exclusion of any other conditions, to any sale of equipment or provision of OLGA services by Flagtory SAS or by an authorized distributor. In this document, the "Subscriber" refers to the person who, by subscribing to the OLGA services, accepts these GTCS without reservation. The user of the service, who may be a different person, is guaranteed by the Subscriber to understand and respect these conditions.

Depending on the context, "OLGA" refers to the OLGA service, the website, or the company Flagtory SAS. The text of the GTCS, including in "Large Print," is available on or upon simple request from OLGA.

1. Description of the OLGA Offer

The OLGA offer consists of:

  • a pre-configured smartphone equipped with an application providing access to OLGA services,
  • a subscription to OLGA services,
  • optional accessories and features for the device.

Warning: For the proper functioning of the service, the smartphone must be connected to the mobile telecommunications network, with a "data" subscription allowing data downloads.

1.1 Equipment

A smartphone type mobile phone, delivered with a power charger and user manual. The phone is pre-configured for using the OLGA service. If the Subscriber wishes to use the phone for other purposes, they may reset the phone to its original settings at their own risk and use it as they see fit. OLGA cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by this manipulation.

1.2 Accessories

OLGA offers a range of optional accessories: covers, cables, speakers, etc.

1.3 Mobile Application

The OLGA application pre-installed on the smartphone allows access to the functions described on the website and below. The Subscriber will benefit from updates.

1.3.1 Available Functions Version 1.0

  • Making calls to a registered or unregistered contact. Receiving calls
  • Receiving SMS / Sending an SMS to a registered contact
  • Getting weather information
  • Adding / Deleting a contact by voice
  • Obtaining the time or date.
  • Managing an agenda by voice
  • Setting up 3 alerts with a particular voice message
  • Setting up a "hello" that rings every hour of the day

1.3.2 Application Updates

These updates may include:

  • Graphic improvements
  • Modifications of any type
  • New features
  • Security updates

The user can check in the "Update" menu if an update exists. The process is simple, but the functionality is not vocalized. If the user is visually impaired, they may need assistance with this step.

1.4 Optional Services

OLGA may offer a range of optional services. The availability and pricing of these services are indicated on the website.

1.4.1 Optional Discussion / Smart Search Function

The terms of use described in section 1.4.1 below specifically apply when you use the integrated conversational intelligence service on Olga, hereinafter referred to as "The Service."
By subscribing to "The Service," you agree to these terms of sale and service as well as our privacy policy.

A. Subscription to "The Service" and Access

(a) You must be at least 13 years old to use "The Service." If you are under 18, you must obtain permission from your parents or legal guardian to use "The Service." If you use "The Service" on behalf of another person or entity, you must be authorized to accept the terms on their behalf. You must provide accurate and complete information to open an account. You may not share your access credentials or account with individuals outside of your organization, and you are responsible for all activities conducted with your credentials.

(b) To access "The Service," the user must utter a specific voice command on the Olga service.

B. Content Specific to "The Service"

(a) When using "The Service," you may provide data to "The Service" ("data") and receive results generated and returned by "The Service" based on the data ("results"). Input data and output data are collectively referred to as "content." Between the parties and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you own all the data.

(b) Content Similarity. Due to the nature of machine learning, the results obtained may not be unique among users, and "The Service" may generate the same or similar result for OLGA or a third party. For example, you might ask a model, "What color is the sky?" and get a result like "The sky is blue." Other users might ask similar questions and receive the same answer.

(c) Use of Content to Improve "The Service." We do not use the content you provide to our API or that you receive from it ("API content") to develop or improve "The Service." We may use content from services other than our API ("non-API content") to contribute to the development and improvement of our services. You can learn more here about how non-API content may be used to enhance model performance.

(d) Accuracy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly evolving fields of study. We constantly work on improving "The Service" to make it more accurate, reliable, safer, and more beneficial. Given the probabilistic nature of machine learning, using "The Service" may, in certain situations, produce incorrect results that do not accurately reflect real people, places, or facts. You should assess the accuracy of any result based on your use case, including through human review of the result..

C. Payment and Billing

(a) Fees and Billing. You will pay all fees incurred in your account ("fees") in accordance with the prices and terms listed on the applicable pricing page, or any other written agreement between us. We reserve the right to correct any price errors or typos, even if we have already issued an invoice or received payment. You will provide complete and accurate billing information, including a valid and authorized payment method. We will charge your payment method on an agreed-upon periodic basis, but we may reasonably change the date on which the charge is posted. You authorize Olga, as well as our third-party payment processor(s), to charge the fees to your payment method. In the case of non-payment or delayed payment, we may suspend access to "The Service" until payment is made. Fees are payable in euros. Payments are non-refundable, except in the cases provided by this agreement. If you wish to dispute any charges or taxes, please contact within thirty (30) days from the date of the contested payment. Unpaid and undisputed amounts due may be subject to finance charges of 1.5% of the unpaid balance per month. In the case of late payment of any amount of your fees, we may suspend your access to "The Service" after sending you a written notification of late payment by email.

(b) Price Changes. We may change our prices by posting a notice on your account and/or on our website. Price increases will become effective 14 days after their posting, except for increases made for legal reasons, which will become effective immediately. Any price changes will apply to the fees charged to your account immediately after the effective date of the changes.

D. Term of Commitment and Termination of "The Service"

These terms take effect upon your request for subscription and remain in effect until terminated. Your subscription is non-binding. Any month started is due in full.

To terminate, a notification with 10 days' notice is required. This notification must be sent to us by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

We may terminate these terms for any reason by giving you at least 10 days' notice. We may also terminate these terms immediately upon notice to you if changes occur in relationships with third-party technology providers that are beyond our control, or to comply with the law or requests from public authorities. We may suspend your access to "The Service" if you violate these terms, if your use poses a risk to our security or that of a third party, or if we suspect that your use is fraudulent or could incur liability for us or a third party.

E - Indemnification, Warranty Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability

(a) Indemnification. We, as well as our affiliates and personnel, shall not be liable for any claims, losses, and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of your use of "The Service," including your content, the products or services you develop or offer in connection with "The Service," and your violation of these terms or applicable law.



1.5 Warnings

1.5.1 Connection to the Telecommunications Network

OLGA does not provide the subscription to the telecommunications network, which the Subscriber must subscribe to with a mobile operator of their choice.

In case of a transfer from one operator to another, OLGA does not handle SIM card changes and procedures for keeping the Subscriber's number.

OLGA cannot be held responsible for problems (telephone overuse, SMS, MMS, data, portability, etc.) related to the contract between the Subscriber and their telecommunications operator.

The effective use of a phone, especially in distress situations, is conditioned by the proper functioning of the network and the mobile phone. It is the Subscriber's responsibility to ensure the good working condition of the mobile phone and its proper connection to the network.

1.5.2 Functionality Compatibility / Recommended Telephone Subscription

Since the OLGA service is based on voice, some of its functions may depend on the choice of the operator and the subscription. The recommended subscription specifications for the best access to the functionalities are available on the website and in the startup guide.

1.6 OLGA Support & Assistance

This service is provided by members of the OLGA team. It is accessible for free via email and for a fee via phone.

1.6.1 By email

Access to support via email is free, at

1.6.2 By phone

Access to telephone assistance is available at the number indicated on various OLGA materials. The current rate is announced when calling. The Subscriber will only be charged if a conversation has commenced.

2. Subscription Terms and Delivery of the Offer

2.1 Informations

Phone : The mobile phone is sold to the Subscriber by OLGA, through a representative, via the website, or by one of its distributors..

Subscription : The subscription to the offer, including the subscription to OLGA services, is formalized by the electronic signature of a SEPA mandate agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS).

Delivery : In case of direct sale or online sale by OLGA, the delivery of the phone is made to the address indicated by the Subscriber. Subject to availability, the equipment is shipped within 7 (seven) to 10 (ten) days from the receipt by OLGA of the subscription notification. This period is indicative, and no delay can lead to damages or withholdings. It is the Subscriber's responsibility to make any claims concerning any damage or shortages incurred during transport, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the carrier within three days following the receipt of the equipment (a copy of the letter to be sent to OLGA). In case of non-conformity of the equipment not related to transport and noticed upon delivery, the Subscriber must send their claim to OLGA by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within seven days of delivery, otherwise, the equipment will be deemed accepted. The equipment must be returned in its original condition as soon as possible, accompanied by the corresponding invoice and a description of the non-conformity. A replacement phone will be sent by OLGA.

For shipments outside the European Union or to DOM-TOM, customs fees or similar levies are not covered by OLGA.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure correct delivery information is provided and to take necessary measures to retrieve the package within the given timeframe. In case a package is returned due to an error or incorrect delivery address, non-claim, or refusal of the package, the re-delivery costs will be borne by the Subscriber. Moreover, the costs of the first delivery will not be refunded.

Equipment Use : The Subscriber must use the mobile phone in accordance with the recommendations in the start-up guide..

Subscription Form : The subscription process includes the electronic entry of usual information including the name, surname, email address, postal address, and telephone details of the Subscriber. At the end of the form, the Subscriber will be made aware of the GTCS and will tick a box, not pre-filled, certifying that they have indeed read and accepted them.

Direct Debit & SEPA Mandate : Regardless of the subscription method to the offer, the Subscriber must fill in and electronically sign a SEPA mandate authorizing OLGA to deduct from their account the amount of the subscription, options, and any additional costs.

The SEPA Direct Debit Mandate is accessed differently depending on the payment method :

  • In online sales: The Mandate will be displayed during the order on the website.
  • In direct sales: An OLGA advisor will present the Mandate on a dedicated platform and can assist the Subscriber in filling it out.
  • In sales through a distributor: Each distributor has its dedicated Mandate and can assist the Subscriber in completing it.

The Subscriber is asked to enter their bank identifiers IBAN and BIC, available on their bank account statement. By signing the SEPA Mandate, the Subscriber authorizes OLGA to send instructions to their bank and their bank to debit their account in accordance with OLGA's instructions.

The Subscriber has the right to be reimbursed by their bank under the terms described in the agreement they have with it. A reimbursement request must be submitted (a) within eight weeks from the date of debiting their account for an authorized debit, (b) without delay and at the latest within thirteen months in the case of an unauthorized debit.

Electronic Signature of the Mandate : The subscription process concludes and is validated by the electronic signature of the SEPA Mandate, which constitutes agreement to these GTCS. This signature is done via a secure platform that asks the user to provide their IBAN and mobile phone number. A unique secure code is sent by SMS to the Subscriber's mobile phone.

2.2 Details on Subscribing to the Offer

  • Buyers of an OLGA device through direct sale or online sale benefit from a phone preparation service before shipment: the battery is charged, and the time and date are set. This service is not necessarily offered by OLGA distributors. programmées. Ce service n'est pas nécessairement proposé par les distributeurs d’OLGA. 
  • In case of erroneous information transmitted by the Subscriber, OLGA reserves the right to suspend the order..

2.2.1 Online Subscription on the OLGA Website

The contractual conditions are made available on OLGA's website, in accordance with Article 1369-4 of the French Civil Code. The steps to follow to subscribe electronically are as follows:

  • The Subscriber selects the product and any options, creating a "cart". They can check and correct their choices before confirming the order..
  • The Subscriber then fills in the SEPA Mandate and electronically signs it, authorizing the direct debit of their invoice payments. The sale price of the chosen phone and any accessories, as well as shipping costs, will be immediately debited.
  • OLGA acknowledges receipt of the order without delay by electronic means.
  • After acknowledging receipt of the order, OLGA sends the Subscriber the package containing the phone and any accessories.

2.2.2 Subscription via an OLGA Representative (Directly or by Phone)

The contractual conditions are provided by the OLGA representative. The steps to subscribe are as follows:

  • The subscriber chooses the phone and any potential options and accessories.
  • With the help of the representative, they electronically fill in the Subscription Form, and then the SEPA Mandate, which they sign.
  • The Subscriber pays for the phone and accessories using the payment methods offered by the OLGA representative.
  • After acknowledging receipt of the order, OLGA sends the Subscriber the package containing the phone and any accessories, if these were not directly provided by the representative.

2.2.3 Subscription via a Distributor

The contractual conditions are provided by the distributor. The conditions, prices, and sales modalities of the device are determined by the distributor.

The distributor must inform the Subscriber that the OLGA system operates on a subscription basis and have them fill out the Subscription Form.

The order is validated by the electronic signature of the SEPA Mandate, authorizing OLGA to carry out direct debit for the payment of invoices. The price of the first month's subscription and any options will be debited within two days.

3. Cancellation Rights

In accordance with Article L 221-18 of the French Consumer Code, in the case of distance selling by telephone or internet or in case of door-to-door sales, the Subscriber, a natural person acting for purposes which are outside their trade, business, craft, or profession, has the right to cancel which they can exercise within fourteen clear days from the day on which the Subscriber or a third party, other than the carrier, indicated by them, takes physical possession of the goods.

When the right of cancellation is exercised, the Subscriber must return the goods at their own expense in their original condition, not damaged or altered, including all the ordered equipment, as well as the packaging in its original condition used by the Company for the shipment of the equipment.

Following the receipt of all these items, the Company, which alone will assess the proper return of the equipment in accordance with the paragraph above, will then proceed to refund the total amount paid by the Subscriber.

In the event that not all the ordered equipment is returned in its original condition, the Company reserves the right not to proceed with the refund of the amounts paid.

4. Commencement and Duration of the Subscription

The service provisions take effect and are invoiced by OLGA two days after the shipment of the phone, or on the day the service becomes available at the point of sale. The subscription is concluded for a minimum duration of 12 months (the "Commitment Period"), renewable by tacit renewal.

5. Prices

5.1 Purchase Price of the Phone

The total purchase price (including VAT) of the OLGA Phone, plus shipping costs, is payable in full at the time of the order.

5.2 Service Charges

a) Subscription Price

The subscription price is set in the OLGA Tariff Conditions, available on OLGA reserves the right to change the price at the end of the Commitment Period, provided that the Subscriber is informed in writing two months in advance. If the Subscriber disagrees with the new rate, they have a period of one month from the date of receiving OLGA's letter to cancel their subscription by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

b) Telephone Support Price

The time spent with the OLGA operator is billed at the current rate, plus the cost of a call to a landline number in France.

c) Software Reconfiguration Price

The cost of a software repair is €75 VAT included, plus €15 VAT included for reshipment fees (in Metropolitan France).

d) Technical Assistance Price

The cost of a repair following the sending of a device (excluding software reconfiguration) will depend on the type of repair. A quote will be provided.

5.3 Billing / Payment Terms

OLGA favors electronic billing. Invoices are available by email or via a platform, the link to which will be sent by OLGA via email. Invoices are issued monthly and are payable in cash by direct debit. Each month, the invoice includes the amount of the subscription and any options for the current month, as well as the amount not yet billed for any out-of-package services from the previous month(s). Any failure to pay the subscription, for any reason, will give OLGA the right to restrict or suspend, without notice, all or part of the service. A formal notice sent to the Subscriber that remains unanswered for 8 (eight) days will give OLGA the right to terminate the subscription, with the same financial consequences as if the termination were initiated by the Subscriber. OLGA will notify the debtor Subscriber by ordinary mail or email.

5.4 Time Limitation

A claim related to an invoice is not admissible if it is submitted more than one year from the day of its issuance.

6. Obligations, Liability, and Exclusions

The device is warranted for 2 years. OLGA commits to deploying its human and material resources to provide the Subscriber with the services described herein, but cannot commit to a guarantee of results. By express agreement between the parties, OLGA's obligations constitute an obligation of means. Its liability can only be sought in case of duly proven fault. OLGA does not act as a telephone operator managing a telecommunications network. OLGA cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible for the total or partial impossibility for the Subscriber to use the telephone communication service, particularly in the following cases:

  • Non-compliant use or conditions unsuitable for the conservation and use of the phone.
  • Use of a phone not supplied or not selected by OLGA.
  • Alteration, malfunction of the phone or of the equipment and/or networks of French and foreign telecommunications network operators interconnected with the OLGA service, or of third-party operators.
  • Operations of maintenance, repair, reinforcement, or extension of the network.
  • Updates and modifications to the Android system.
  • Updates and modifications of external modules not developed by OLGA.
  • Suspension of the Service in the cases referred to in Article 11.
  • Occurrence of a force majeure event.
    Furthermore, OLGA's liability cannot be engaged in the following circumstances: failure or malfunction of the Subscriber's electrical installation regardless of the cause (including due to natural phenomena such as lightning, storms, etc.), operational incident of the Subscriber's phone, regardless of the cause, non-compliant use of the phone (including failure to maintain battery charge) and/or damage caused by the Subscriber, erroneous declaration, absence or failure of the Subscriber's contacts.

Finally, OLGA cannot be held responsible for failures (delay or prevention) in the performance of its services resulting from force majeure or events outside of its direct control. OLGA's financial liability towards the Subscriber is limited to the amounts of the services that have been billed to them. Regardless of the cause, OLGA cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage that the Subscriber might suffer.

7. Subscriber Obligations

The Subscriber commits to providing OLGA with all the information necessary for the provision of services and to ensure its regular update. In the event OLGA provides identifiers allowing the Subscriber to access the account related to their phone or subscription on the website, the Subscriber commits to keeping these identifiers secret and not to disclose them in any form. In case of loss, theft, or misappropriation of the identifiers by third parties, the Subscriber commits to notifying OLGA without delay. Otherwise, OLGA will be released from any liability in case of impossibility to execute the planned services..

8. Personal Data & Confidentiality

We take the confidentiality of your data very seriously. The website as well as OLGA services respect your privacy and are registered with the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) under the number: 1959774.

The information that may be collected by OLGA services is exclusively intended to:

  • Allow you to use the OLGA system.
  • Contact you for informational purposes.
  • Send you partner offers, if you have subscribed to them.
  • Collect the payment of the monthly subscription.

Due to the very functioning of a website, some non-personal information may also be collected by third parties, such as the page visited, the version of your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) or your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and your IP address.

All precautions have been taken to archive your information in a secure environment. The collected data are subject to computer processing intended for the operation of the service. They are used by OLGA's internal services. OLGA commits to guarantee and to ensure by its staff and its agents the strictly confidential nature of this information.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, amended by the law of August 6, 2004, the Subscriber has the right to access as well as a right to additional information, rectification, and, where appropriate, opposition concerning the data about them. They may oppose at any time their communication to third parties. They can exercise their rights by sending a letter mentioning their name, first name, and call number, and attaching a copy of their ID to the following address: OLGA, Flagtory SAS - 25 rue Pauline Borghese, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine, France.

OLGA uses the YouTube API services, thereby enabling the integration of video content directly on our platform. By using OLGA, you acknowledge and agree that:

- The use of our service, which incorporates functionalities provided by the YouTube APIs, is subject to the YouTube Terms of Service. We encourage you to read them carefully to understand your rights and obligations when accessing YouTube content via OLGA.
- Interactions with YouTube services through OLGA are governed by the Google Privacy Policy, which describes how your data is processed when using YouTube services.

This integration aims to enrich your user experience by providing you with direct access to relevant and high-quality video content.

8.1 Information Collected by OLGA

a) Personal Information

OLGA collects personally identifiable information such as: name, first name, email address, telephone number, postal address of the Subscriber, and of the possible assistant if different from the Subscriber.

b) Banking Information

OLGA collects banking information from the SEPA mandate filled out by the Subscriber in order to collect the monthly subscription.

c) Usage Information

OLGA also collects information on the functionalities used and the services accessed, which are automatically transmitted by the device during the use of OLGA services. In the case of web browsing, these informations include cookies (see below) and the User’s IP address.

d) Use and Disclosure of Information

The personally identifiable information is displayed on the User's profile and on their personal OLGA application. 

OLGA uses its name to identify it in its database and to personalize the services offered.

OLGA uses the email address to contact the User from time to time. OLGA may also use it for security reasons, so that the User confirms that they are indeed who they claim to be.

OLGA may use the information collected automatically, such as information stored via cookies and information about the use of OLGA, to obtain statistics on the number of visitors on the OLGA service and to customize the content, layout, and OLGA services.

If the Subscriber has authorized it at the time of registration, they may receive emails from OLGA's partners. The advertisements displayed on the OLGA sites are provided by affiliates, advertising partners, and OLGA service providers. OLGA may transmit information about you and your use of OLGA to them, for example, your IP address, information stored via cookies, and other demographic information. This information may be used to offer you advertisements, promotions, and other products and services that may interest you. Please see the Cookies section below for more information about the options OLGA offers in terms of targeted advertising.

Our advertising and promotional partners do not have access to your name or personal contact details stored by OLGA. OLGA does not disclose your name or personal contact details to an advertising partner when you interact with it or when you view a targeted ad.

We may provide your personally identifiable information, data generated by cookies, and aggregated information to service providers and agencies that we may engage to assist us in providing our services to you. These third parties will be required to use your personally identifiable information only as part of the services they provide to us.

Personally identifiable information about you as a user of OLGA, including the content of your online communications, may be accessed or disclosed in response to a legal process; in other circumstances in which OLGA believes the Services are being used in the commission of a crime; when OLGA has good reason to believe that there is an emergency that poses a threat to your safety or the safety of another person; or when necessary to protect the rights or property of OLGA, or to allow OLGA to provide the service you have requested.

The personally identifiable information collected as part of your use of the Service may be stored in France, or in other countries where OLGA has facilities. By using the Service, you expressly agree to the transfer to France and elsewhere of the personally identifiable information you provide to OLGA.

OLGA reserves the right to transfer your personal details in the event of a transfer of ownership of or any other service related to OLGA, for example, following a merger or acquisition by another company. If an acquirer planned to change this privacy policy, OLGA would inform you in advance.

9. Intellectual Property

a) Copyright: OLGA and all its content, including but not limited to texts, graphics, images, logos, icons, audio and video files, as well as their selection and arrangement, are the exclusive property of the Provider or its licensors and are protected by French and international copyright laws.

b) Limited License: Subject to your compliance with these terms, OLGA grants you a limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to use OLGA for personal, non-commercial purposes in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in these conditions.

c) General Prohibitions: You agree not to copy, modify, distribute, publicly display, reproduce, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, attempt to extract the source code, create derivative works from, or otherwise exploit OLGA, in whole or in part, unless expressly permitted by applicable law.

d) Additional Restrictions: You also agree not to bypass, disable, or otherwise interfere with the security features of OLGA, not to use OLGA in a manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the operation of OLGA, or to use OLGA fraudulently or unlawfully.

10. Conversation Recording

To improve the quality of its service, OLGA reserves the right to record conversations between the Subscriber and OLGA's employees or representatives. These recordings are kept for a period of 2 months and then destroyed..

11. Service Suspension

OLGA may suspend all or part of the service to the Subscriber, without notice, in any of the following cases: 

  • Partial or total failure to pay an invoice by the due date, especially due to an unrectified automatic debit rejection within eight days.
  • Non-compliance by the Subscriber with any of the clauses of these general conditions.
  • Use of the service for illicit purposes. 

In the event of service suspension, the Subscriber remains liable for all sums invoiced by OLGA during the suspension period, including the amount of the service subscribed by the Subscriber. If the cause of the suspension has not been resolved within a period of thirty working days from the date of suspension, OLGA may terminate the Contract by right. In this case, if the termination occurs before the end of the Commitment Period, all amounts due to OLGA and remaining until the end of this Commitment Period become immediately due and are invoiced to the Subscriber, subject to more favorable legal provisions.

12. Termination

Any termination must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In case of termination by the Subscriber outside the cases described below in 11.1 and 11.2, the Subscriber must notify OLGA of the termination by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, and pay the ongoing monthly subscription fee until the end of the Commitment Period.

12.1 Termination beyond the Commitment Period

The Subscriber is entitled to terminate their Subscription at any time beyond the first Commitment Period with a 30-day notice period ending at the end of the month. The termination then takes effect on the last day of the month following the receipt of the termination request.

12.2 Exceptional Termination

The subscription may be exceptionally terminated before the end of the Commitment Period in the following cases: (i) the death of the User, (ii) long-term hospitalization of the User (from 3 months), (iii) irreversible medical incapacity of the User to use the phone. These events must be justified by a death certificate or a medical certificate. The termination then takes effect on the last day of the month following the receipt of the termination request.

12.3 Termination by OLGA

Apart from cases of non-payment of subscription fees mentioned above, OLGA may terminate the subscription, or an option of the subscription, without providing a reason, provided that it notifies the Subscriber by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or any other means that allows for the acknowledgment of receipt from the Subscriber, with a three-month notice period. The service provisions and associated billings will cease upon the termination taking effect.

13. Limitation Period

Any action arising from this contract and not referred to in Article 5.4 is time-barred within two years from the event giving rise to it.

14. Applicable Law

The law applicable to the General Conditions and the Subscription Contract is French law. The competent court shall be the court of Nanterre.