Here is the different vocalized features of Olga :

Fonction téléphone Olga Assistant vocal Call

Hang up

Take a call
Send Receive text message Send text message

Receive Text

Consult Inbox
Add a contact with voice Add contacts
Manage a calendar Manage a calendar
Date Time and Weather Ask for the date, time and weather
Alarmclock Alarms Set an Alarmclock, alarms or a cuckoo clock that rings every hour
Voicemail Access voicemail
Fonction messagerie vocale Olga Listen to the radio
Fonction TV Program Ask for TV Program
Fonction Note Dictaphone Save / read a Note / Dictaphone
Fonction Calculator Use a simple Calculator
Feature Google Search a definition on Google
Feature Music Search for a song, video or reportage on Youtube
Feature Audio book Listen to an Audio book
Feature Music Listen to Music
Feature Location Ask for your location and send it to a contact