The price of Olga :

Purchase of the device
12 €/month

The Olga phone contract gives you access to continuous use and the server of Olga and all device updates. This contract is obligatory, and lasts 12 months.
The phone works with any mobile network. It isn’t necessary to own a WiFi box to use Olga. All you need is a SIM contract with a mobile phone operator which includes Data (i.e.Internet access).

Recommended mobile plans

We recommend that you have a plan which gives you at least 2GB of data. This is because the device needs internet access to function optimally, for several reasons:

- To carry out function and security updates -Vocal recognition (it does work with no internet connection, but it works even better when connected to the internet !)
- Some Olga functions require internet to work (e.g. weather forecasts, Internet, Google, TV schedule, Radio…)
English and American phone networks have several SIM card offers for around ten to fifteen pounds (around 30 dollars in the US) a month.
Here are several examples:

-Essential plan by EE : £19/month (unlimited calls and texts with 3GB of data)
-12 month advanced plan by 3: £10/month (unlimited calls and texts with 8GB of data)
-Tesco mobile SIM only: £10/month (5000 minutes and 5000 texts with 4GB of data)
-Big value bundle by Vodafone: £10/month (250 minutes, unlimited texts with 6GB of data)

-S plan by Verizon wireless: $35/month (unlimited calls and texts with 2GB of data)
-Essentials plan by T-mobile: $30/month (Unlimited calls, texts and date)

Please note that these offers are subject to change. If you are in the UK and are unsure about the strength of phone networks around you, please check this map to see which provider is best suited to your area:

For a similar map of the USA, visit :


We have customers all around the globe (USA, Canada, Europe, northern and central Africa…) Olga will work anywhere where there is access to data (3G or 4G) or a connection to WiFi. Please consult the mobile operator offers of your respective country.

Order online

Olga is delivered to your home

The package contains several materials:
- the phone
- accessories
- and a guide to start up

Install your SIM card

The SIM card contract is not provided by Olga. We recommend that you have a SIM plan which includes the following :
- a SIM card in the Nano format
- 2GB of data (or 50MB if you have access to WiFi at home)