Safety & Usage Precautions

Here are the usage precautions to follow:

Do not remove the cover of the device when it is turned on.
- Do not remove the device's battery.
- Do not leave the device plugged into the power outlet for an extended period.
- Do not expose the device to high heat for an extended period. The maximum supported temperature is 35°C.
- Do not put your smartphone in the refrigerator to cool it down.
- Do not force the charging cable in.
- Do not restart the device in safe mode.
- Use exclusively the original cord or cords officially provided by our company or the manufacturer. Using unapproved cords may pose safety risks and void the warranty.
- Do not perform a reset / reconfiguration to factory settings. This would delete Olga from the device. In case of a factory reconfiguration, the device must be sent back to our workshop, and fees will be applied (see rates in the general conditions).

In case of problems, contact Olga support.